Eye Exams

Automated Visual Field testing

Tests peripheral and central visual field for early detection of glaucoma, retinal and neurological disorders.

Contact lens fitting and evaluations

Professional fitting by our Doctors provides you with the latest in contact lens technology to maximize comfort and vision.

Laser vision consultation

Complimentary consultation to determine if you are a candidate for laser eye surgery (when a comprehensive eye exam is done). Your pupils may need to be dilated.

Digital Retinal Imaging

Takes a high resolution scan of your retina (internal membrane at the back of your eye) examining optic nerve, macula and blood vessels. A more advanced technique to check for early signs of eye diseases.

**not available at all locations.

Punctal Plug Insertion

Plugs are inserted into the drainage portion of your inner eyelids to help relieve symptoms of dry eyes. This technique can drastically improve comfort for people suffering from dry, gritty eyes. It is not recommended for everyone experiencing dryness.